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Drumahoe Primary School, Drumahoe, Londonderry

House System


Pupils are assigned to one of four houses, named after trees that are found in our school grounds. Houses have their own house master, teachers and learning support assistants. Two house captains, a boy and a girl, are elected by the pupils.

Each house  is represented by a colour

Chestnut   –   Red

Oak           –   Blue

Spruce       –   Green

Sycamore  –   Yellow

On competition days children wear a T-shirt in the colour of their house.

During the year pupils compete for points which are awarded for achievements, and participation or performance in activities and challenges.  The house with most points at the end of the year wins “The Tree.”

Activities are varied to meet the interests and strengths of the majority of pupils and include

  • Pupil of the Week

  • House Captain Speeches

  • Tabloid Sports

  • Disco Attendance – Fancy Dress

  • Book Fair prize winners

  • Off By Heart Auditions and Final Performance

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • House 7-a-side hockey

  • House 7-a-side netball

  • House 7-a-side soccer

  • STEM Parachute Challenge

  • Literacy Legends

  • Magnificent Mathematicians

  • House Tug-of-War

  • Art

  • Sport’s Day

  • House Cross Country

  • Drumahoe’s Got Talent