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Drumahoe Primary School, Drumahoe, Londonderry

Experimenting in P5/6T- How did Vikings keep warm?

14th Mar 2024

To end our Vikings topic, P5/6 carried out an experiment to see which material would be best at keeping a Viking warm during the colder months. They relied heavily on open fires and their clothing to keep them warm as they did not have electricity or any central heating. 

Using four 500ml empty water bottles to act as our 'Vikings', the children chose either Wool fabric, Felt, Cardboard or a Paper Towel to wrap around them.

We discussed which materials we thought would be best to keep a Viking warm and why and this helped to make our predictions. During 5 minute intervals the children used a thermometer to check the temperature and record it.

Most children predicted correctly with wool being the best at keeping our Viking warm whilst the Paper Towel was the least effective. This was such a fun afternoon of learning.